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Dr. G A' Clear Spot For Face Serum 45ml



Acne treatment serum that removes sebum and moisturizes the skin. ▶ Acne-free facial serum for the entire face Alcohol-free acne spot treatment serum that can be used on both initial spots and the entire face. To provide a solution for acne skin, a distinct formula was developed after thorough reviews by 20 fan-consumers and the Dr.G Skin Science Research Center. ▶ Sebum and moisture management Gentle treatment for excess sebum and dead skin cells. ▶ Sensitive low-irritant care Alcohol-free, low-irritant, mild pH-balanced serum for acne-prone skin.

How to use

After applying the toner, get adequate amount and apply on the skin. Add another rich amount to areas that are extra problematic and make sure that the skin fully absorbs the product.


- Mint Chameleon Plant Complex™ (three types troubles of mint + Chameleon plant complex): soothing care that moisturizes sensitive skin troubles. - Plant-derived acid: excessive sebum care. - Derma Clear Complex: for refreshing spot care for skin trouble.